West Indies Progressive Test Partnerships for Men

1st Wicket86G Challenor (29) FR Martin (44)WIvELord's1928
91G Challenor (46) CA Roach (53)WIvEOval1928
144CA Roach (209) EAC Hunte (53)WIvEGeorgetown1929/30
173GM Carew (107) AG Ganteaume (112)WIvEPort of Spain1947/48
239AF Rae (109) JB Stollmeyer (160)WIvIMadras1948/49
296CG Greenidge (154*) DL Haynes (136)WIvISt John's1982/83
298CG Greenidge (149) DL Haynes (167)WIvESt John's1989/90
336KC Brathwaite (182) T Chanderpaul (207*)WIvZBulawayo2022/23
2nd Wicket52CA Roach (50) FR Martin (21)WIvEManchester1928
67CA Roach (122) GA Headley (21)WIvEBridgetown1929/30
156CA Roach (77) GA Headley (176)WIvEBridgetown1929/30
192CA Roach (209) GA Headley (114)WIvEGeorgetown1929/30
227RK Nunes (92) GA Headley (223)WIvEKingston1929/30
446CC Hunte (260) GS Sobers (365*)WIvPKingston1957/58
3rd Wicket55FR Martin (32) WH St Hill (38)WIvEManchester1928
142GA Headley (176) FI de Caires (70)WIvEBridgetown1929/30
202GA Headley (270*) JED Sealy (91)WIvEKingston1934/35
338ED Weekes (206) FMM Worrell (167)WIvEPort of Spain1953/54
4th Wicket124FI de Caires (80) JED Sealy (58)WIvEBridgetown1929/30
267CL Walcott (152) GE Gomez (101)WIvIDelhi1948/49
283FMM Worrell (261) ED Weekes (129)WIvENottingham1950
399GS Sobers (226) FMM Worrell (197*)WIvEBridgetown1959/60
5th Wicket41LS Birkett (64) GC Grant (71*)WIvAAdelaide1930/31
59JED Sealy (92) OC da Costa (25)WIvEPort of Spain1934/35
163VH Stollmeyer (96) KH Weekes (137)WIvEOval1939
170ED Weekes (194) RJ Christiani (74)WIvIBombay1948/49
189FMM Worrell (100) CL Walcott (115)WIvNZAuckland1951/52
219ED Weekes (207) BH Pairaudeau (115)WIvIPort of Spain1952/53
265SM Nurse (137) GS Sobers (174)WIvELeeds1966
322+BC Lara (213) JC Adams (94)WIvAKingston1998/99
In the following instance, there were two partnerships for this wicket
22*BC Lara (213) PT Collins (13)WIvAKingston1998/99
322BC Lara (213) JC Adams (94)WIvAKingston1998/99
6th Wicket114GC Grant (53*) EL Bartlett (84)WIvAAdelaide1930/31
211CL Walcott (168*) GE Gomez (70)WIvELord's1950
274*GS Sobers (163*) DAJ Holford (105*)WIvELord's1966
282*BC Lara (400*) RD Jacobs (107*)WIvESt John's2003/04
7th Wicket56CA Roach (16) JA Small (52)WIvELord's1928
73CC Passailaigue (44) OC da Costa (39)WIvEKingston1929/30
147GA Headley (270*) RS Grant (77)WIvEKingston1934/35
347DS Atkinson (219) CC Depeiaza (122)WIvABridgetown1954/55
8th Wicket47JA Small (52) CR Browne (44)WIvELord's1928
71LN Constantine (52) N Betancourt (39)WIvEPort of Spain1929/30
97CL Walcott (45) W Ferguson (75)WIvEKingston1947/48
99CA McWatt (54) JKC Holt (48*)WIvEGeorgetown1953/54
124IVA Richards (192*) KD Boyce (68)WIvIDelhi1974/75
148JC Adams (101*) FA Rose (69)WIvZKingston1999/00
212SO Dowrich (103) JO Holder (110)WIvZBulawayo2017/18
9th Wicket22N Betancourt (39) HC Griffith (3*)WIvEPort of Spain1929/30
33CR Browne (70*) GN Francis (2)WIvEGeorgetown1929/30
106RJ Christiani (107) DS Atkinson (45)WIvIDelhi1948/49
122DAJ Holford (80) JL Hendriks (37*)WIvAAdelaide1968/69
161CH Lloyd (161*) AME Roberts (68)WIvICalcutta1983/84
10th Wicket21GN Francis (19*) HC Griffith (2)WIvELord's1928
26LA Walcott (24) EAC Hunte (10*)WIvEBridgetown1929/30
29GC Grant (71*) HC Griffith (10)WIvAAdelaide1930/31
30ED Weekes (36*) DT Dewdney (0)WIvAKingston1954/55
55FMM Worrell (191*) S Ramadhin (19)WIvENottingham1957
98*FMM Worrell (73*) WW Hall (50*)WIvIPort of Spain1961/62
106CL Hooper (178*) CA Walsh (30)WIvPSt John's1992/93
143D Ramdin (107*) TL Best (95)WIvEBirmingham2012

Denis Moore

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