West Indies v Bangladesh Progressive Test Partnerships
(For West Indies in West Indies)

1st Wicket113*CH Gayle (66*) DS Smith (40*)Gros Islet2004
116CH Gayle (64) KC Brathwaite (212)Kingstown2014
143KC Brathwaite (63) LR Johnson (66)Gros Islet2014
2nd Wicket87CH Gayle (141) RR Sarwan (40)Gros Islet2004
3rd Wicket73CH Gayle (141) BC Lara (53)Gros Islet2004
179RR Sarwan (261*) BC Lara (120)Kingston2004
4th Wicket161KC Brathwaite (212) S Chanderpaul (85*)Kingstown2014
5th Wicket70CH Gayle (141) DR Smith (42)Gros Islet2004
262*RR Sarwan (261*) S Chanderpaul (101*)Kingston2004
6th Wicket59CH Gayle (141) RD Jacobs (46*)Gros Islet2004
96KR Mayers (146) JM da Silva (29)Gros Islet2022
7th Wicket40DE Bernard (53) DJG Sammy (48)Kingstown2009
50SD Hope (67) JO Holder (33)North Sound2018
8th Wicket59TM Dowlin (95) RA Austin (19)St George's2009
9th Wicket39DJG Sammy (48) KAJ Roach (6)Kingstown2009
52S Chanderpaul (84*) SJ Benn (25)Gros Islet2014
10th Wicket35JO Holder (33*) ST Gabriel (12)Kingston2018

Denis Moore

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