Sri Lanka v Ireland Progressive Test Partnerships for Men
(For Sri Lanka)

1st Wicket64KNM Fernando (29) FDM Karunaratne (179)Galle2022/23
228KNM Fernando (205) FDM Karunaratne (115)Galle2022/23
2nd Wicket281FDM Karunaratne (179) BKG Mendis (140)Galle2022/23
3rd Wicket133BKG Mendis (245) AD Mathews (100*)Galle2022/23
4th Wicket53*+AD Mathews (100*) DM de Silva (12*)Galle2022/23
In the following instance, there were two partnerships for this wicket
22*AD Mathews (100*) LD Chandimal (13*)Galle2022/23
53*AD Mathews (100*) DM de Silva (12*)Galle2022/23
5th Wicket17LD Chandimal (102*) NGRP Jayasuriya (16)Galle2022/23
6th Wicket18LD Chandimal (102*) DM de Silva (12)Galle2022/23
7th Wicket183*LD Chandimal (102*) S Samarawickrama (104*)Galle2022/23
8th Wicket
9th Wicket
10th Wicket

Denis Moore

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