Ireland Progressive Test Partnerships for Men

1st Wicket69EC Joyce (43) WTS Porterfield (32)IrvPDublin2018
2nd Wicket33PR Stirling (14) A Balbirnie (82)IrvAfDehradun2018/19
3rd Wicket104A Balbirnie (82) JA McCollum (39)IrvAfDehradun2018/19
4th Wicket74HT Tector (50) C Campher (34)IrvBMirpur2022/23
115*+A Balbirnie (95) PR Stirling (103)IrvSLGalle2022/23
In the following instance, there were two partnerships for this wicket
115*A Balbirnie (95) PR Stirling (103)IrvSLGalle2022/23
28A Balbirnie (95) LJ Tucker (80)IrvSLGalle2022/23
5th Wicket89LJ Tucker (80) C Campher (111)IrvSLGalle2022/23
6th Wicket72HT Tector (56) LJ Tucker (108)IrvBMirpur2022/23
7th Wicket114KJ O'Brien (118) SR Thompson (53)IrvPDublin2018
163AR McBrine (86*) MR Adair (88)IrvELord's2023
8th Wicket50KJ O'Brien (118) TE Kane (14)IrvPDublin2018
9th Wicket34GC Wilson (33*) WB Rankin (17)IrvPDublin2018
36GH Dockrell (32) MR Adair (23*)IrvSLGalle2022/23
41HT Tector (85) MJ Humphreys (4*)IrvSLGalle2022/23
10th Wicket23GC Wilson (33*) TJ Murtagh (5)IrvPDublin2018
87GH Dockrell (39) TJ Murtagh (54*)IrvAfDehradun2018/19

Denis Moore

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