England v India Progressive Test Partnerships
(For England in England)

1st Wicket81L Hutton (67) C Washbrook (52)Manchester1946
106L Hutton (150) RT Simpson (53)Lord's1952
143L Hutton (86) DS Sheppard (119)Oval1952
146WGA Parkhouse (78) G Pullar (75)Leeds1959
157DL Amiss (79) D Lloyd (214*)Birmingham1974
204GA Gooch (123) MA Atherton (72)Lord's1990
225GA Gooch (116) MA Atherton (131)Manchester1990
2nd Wicket108*H Gimblett (67*) MJL Turnbull (37*)Lord's1936
134AE Fagg (39) WR Hammond (167)Manchester1936
158L Hutton (150) PBH May (74)Lord's1952
221DL Amiss (188) JH Edrich (96)Lord's1974
3rd Wicket127WR Hammond (167) TS Worthington (87)Manchester1936
169R Subba Row (94) MJK Smith (98)Oval1959
308GA Gooch (333) AJ Lamb (139)Lord's1990
350IR Bell (235) KP Pietersen (175)Oval2011
4th Wicket82WR Hammond (35) DR Jardine (79)Lord's1932
266WR Hammond (217) TS Worthington (128)Oval1936
269*JE Root (142*) JM Bairstow (114*)Birmingham2022
5th Wicket48DR Jardine (79) E Paynter (14)Lord's1932
89DR Jardine (85*) E Paynter (54)Lord's1932
182J Hardstaff jr (205*) PA Gibb (60)Lord's1946
202MH Denness (118) AW Greig (106)Lord's1974
6th Wicket55M Leyland (60) J Langridge (19)Lord's1936
69*DCS Compton (71*) JT Ikin (29*)Manchester1946
159TW Graveney (73) TG Evans (104)Lord's1952
165*DI Gower (200*) G Miller (63*)Birmingham1979
169IT Botham (128) G Miller (98)Manchester1982
189JM Bairstow (93) CR Woakes (137*)Lord's2018
7th Wicket63LEG Ames (65) RWV Robins (21)Lord's1932
79TG Evans (66) RO Jenkins (38)Leeds1952
102R Illingworth (50) R Swetman (65)Oval1959
103APE Knott (90) RA Hutton (81)Oval1971
125DW Randall (126) PH Edmonds (64)Lord's1982
162*MJ Prior (103*) SCJ Broad (74*)Lord's2011
8th Wicket49DR Jardine (85*) FR Brown (29)Lord's1932
138RWV Robins (76) H Verity (66*)Manchester1936
168R Illingworth (107) P Lever (88*)Manchester1971
9th Wicket21LEG Ames (65) W Voce (4*)Lord's1932
24*H Verity (66*) G Duckworth (10*)Manchester1936
42KF Barrington (80) AE Moss (26)Lord's1959
46*R Illingworth (47*) R Swetman (21*)Manchester1959
50JT Murray (77) JA Snow (10)Birmingham1967
71JA Snow (73) N Gifford (17)Lord's1971
103C White (94*) MJ Hoggard (32) Nottingham2002
10th Wicket23JC Laker (23*) FS Trueman (17)Lord's1952
32JB Statham (29*) AE Moss (11)Nottingham1959
57JT Murray (77) RNS Hobbs (15*)Birmingham1967
70PJW Allott (41*) RGD Willis (28)Lord's1982
198JE Root (154*) JM Anderson (81)Nottingham2014

Denis Moore

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