The Cricket Statistician No 77

Association Notes 5
Letters to the Editor 5
Cricketers Appearing for Two or More First-Class Counties in the Same Season Since 1864 7
Where Have All the WIckets Gone ? 8
Spin in the County Championship 1991 12
FIrst-Class Cricketers of Cornwall 13
Individual Performances in the County Championship 1950-1959 15
Scotch Treat 18
Progressive Record of the Partnership Accounting for More than Half of the Total in a Completed Test Innings 20
Early Starts to a New Zealand Season 22
Journal Articles Update 26
ACS Computer Users 28
Yorkshire in the 2nd XI Championship 1959-91 28
Players Who Have Represented Their States in First-Class Cricket and Australian Football 30
Fiji First-Class Cricket 31
British First-Class Cricketers Holding Government Office 34
Corrections and Additions to ACS Scorebooks 37
Book Reviews 38