Cricket Matches in 1810

Public Ledger, 30 Jun. 1810; William Wilberforce still lame with foot injury from the ball 'while playing at cricket with Mr. Babbington' (Thomas Babbington and Wilberforce were both MPs at this time)
23rd Apr(unknown)(unknown)Brightonother1
British Press, 30 Apr. 1810; cricket was amongst the Easter holiday recreations
21st MayMarylebone Cricket ClubSt. John's WoodLord's Old Ground, Maryleboneother2scorecard (CA)
28th MayWest KentEast KentHooother2scorecard
Kentish Gazette, 18 May 1810; Kentish Chronicle, 8 Jun. 1810
29th MayLord F Beauclerk's XIE Bligh's XILord's Old Ground, Marylebonefc3scorecard (CA)
JunEast KentWest KentLeeds Parkother2
Kentish Gazette, 12 Jun. 1810; to be played 'shortly'
12th JunEnglandThe BsLord's Old Ground, Marylebonefc3scorecard (CA)
14th JunNorwichWiltshire RegimentTown Close, Norwichother1
Norfolk Chronicle, 16 Jun. 1810, return match
19th JunBridgeIckhamBarham Downsother1
Kentish Gazette, 22 Jun. 1810
19th JunEnglandSurreyLord's Old Ground, Marylebonefc3scorecard (CA)
25th JunBodminCardinhamBodmin Race Groundother1
Royal Cornwall Gazette, 30 Jun. 1810; Cancelled, the away team 'failing to appear'
25th JunIckhamBridgeIckhamother1
Kentish Gazette, 29 Jun. 1810 return match
27th JunHuntingdonSt. IvesGodmanchester Commonother1
Northampton Mercury, 7 Jul. 1810; fill-up single innings math
27th JunHuntingdonSt. IvesGodmanchester Commonother1
Northampton Mercury, 7 Jul. 1810
JulHambledonPortsmouthHambledon, and Southsea Commonother2
Hampshire Telegraph, 30 Jul. 1810; Day 1 was played at Hambledon (date not known); day 2 was played at Southsea Common on 24 July after the teams' 1-day match
2nd JulOver 38Under 38Lord's Old Ground, Marylebonefc3scorecard (CA)
2nd JulSeven of KentEleven of KentHytheother1
Postponement of the 2 July match was announced in the Kentish Gazette of 29 June
6th JulW LambertLord F Beauclerk's SideLord's Old Ground, Marylebonesw2
Cricket History, Single-Wicket match list
7th JulGillinghamShorneLay Field, Gillinghamother1
Kentish Gazette, 10 Jul. 1810
9th JulEleven GentlemenEleven GentlemenWinghamother1
Kentish Gazette, 13, 17 Jul. 1810
13th Jul(unknown)(unknown)Lyddother1
Kentish Gazette, 24 Jul. 1810
16th JulCanterburyNackington, Bridge and PatrixbourneMr Wild's Field, New Dover Road, Canterburyother1
Kentish Gazette, 13 Jul. 1810
16th JulEight of the Norwich ClubThirteen of the Wiltshire RegimentTown Close, Norwichother1
Norfolk Chronicle, 21 Jul. 1810; 'another match'
16th JulEnglandSurreyLord's Old Ground, Marylebonefc3scorecard (CA)
16th JulSalisbury and DistrictDean and DistrictDean Race Courseother1
Salisbury Journal, 9, 23 Jul. 1810; Dean side also drawn from Mottisfont, Whiteparish, Sherfield, etc.; Salisbury side also drawn from Collingbourn, Laverstock, Clarendon, etc.
17th JulTenterdenHawkhurstTenterdenother1
Kentish Chronicle, 10 Jul. 1810
18th JulAppledore and WoodchurchLyddAppledore Heathother1
Kentish Chronicle, 24 Jul. 1810
20th Jul15th Hussars (Hounslow Barracks)15th Hussars (Hampton Court and Richmond)Hounslow Commonother1
London Courier, 25 Jul. 1810
20th JulSwaffhamNorwichSwaffham Race Groundother1
Norfolk Chronicle, 14 Jul. 1810
23rd JulFavershamCanterburyFavershamother1
Kentish Chronicle, 24 Jul. 1810
23rd JulStroodDartfordStrood Marshother2scorecard
Kentish Gazette, 7 Aug. 1810
23rd JulYaldingWadhurstYalding Leesother2scorecard
Fresh Light on Pre-Victorian Cricket p59
24th JulOver 38Under 38Lord's Old Ground, Marylebonefc3scorecard (CA)
24th JulPortsmouthHambledonSouthsea Commonother1
Hampshire Telegraph, 30 Jul. 1810; return match
30th JulClaphamStreathamClapham Commonother1
Morning Advertiser, 31 Jul. 1810; 'annua match'
31st JulEleven GentlemenEleven GentlemenMiltonother1
Kentish Gazette, 7 Aug. 1810
AugHerneRoyal Artillery OfficersHerneother1
Kentish Chronicle, 17 Aug. 1810; played 'last week'
1st AugBiddendenLeedsBiddendenother1
Kentish Chronicle, 7 Aug. 1810
2nd AugBerkley ClubEton CollegeLord's Old Ground, Maryleboneother1
Morning Advertiser. 2 Aug. 1810
2nd AugCanterburyFavershamCanterburyother1
Kentish Chronicle, 3 Aug. 1810, return match
3rd AugStockHorndonStockother1
Morning Advertiser, 8 Aug. 1810; Morning Post, 9 Aug. 1810
4th AugEythorn ParishEythorn CarpentersEythornother1
Star [London], 23 Aug. 1810
8th AugMr Gouge and Mr SellisMr Alderton and Mr BiggsMiltonsw1
Cricket History, Single-Wicket match list
9th AugDean and DistrictSalisbury and DistrictEverly Greenother1
Salisbury Journal, 13 Aug. 1810; return match; Dean side also drawn from Mottisfont, Whiteparish, Sherfield, etc.; Salisbury side also drawn from Collingbourn, Appleshaw, Tidworth, etc.
11th AugLord Lieutenant's XI7th Light DragoonsPhoenix Park, Dublin, Irelandother1
Leeds Mercury, 25 Aug. 1810
12th AugPortsmouthSussex MilitiaStokes Bayother1
Hampshire Telegraph, 13 Aug. 1810
13th AugCaptain Blagrave's XIColonel Byng's XILord's Old Ground, Marylebonefc3scorecard (CA)
13th AugFaversham MarriedFaversham SingleFavershamother1
Kentish Chronicle, 14 Aug. 1810
13th AugMargateRamsgateThe Fort, Margateother1
Morning Post, 18 Aug. 1810
14th AugTenterdenAppledore and WoodchurchTenterdenother1
Kentish Gazette, 21 Aug. 1810
15th AugAshley and Studdel MarriedAshley and Studdel SingleMaidensoleother1
Kentish Chronicle, 21 Aug. 1810
15th AugLeedsBiddendenLeeds Parkother1
Star [London], 23 Aug. 1810; return matcj
20th AugDover GarrisonDover ClubNorth Wall Meadow, Doverother1
Kentish Gazette, 17 Aug. 1810
20th AugLeicesterBarrow upon SoarAbbey Meadow, Leicesterother2scorecard
Leicester Journal, 24 Aug. 1810
20th AugNorwichSwaffhamTown Close, Norwichother1
Norfolk Chronicle, 25 Aug. 1810
21st Aug(unknown)(unknown)Burley Hall, Rutlandother1
Stamford Mercury, 24 Aug. 1810; A house party of the Earl of Winchilsea 'were amused with cricket'
21st AugWoburnAmpthillWoburn Parkother1
Northampton Mercury, 18 Aug. 1810
22nd AugBarrow upon SoarLeicesterQuornother2
Leicester Journal, 24, 31 Aug. 1810; played 'in the n eighbourhood of Quorn'; return match
22nd AugDover ClubDover Garrison?other1
Kentish Gazette, 28 Aug. 1810; return match
22nd AugPeterboroughThorneyPeterborough Commonother1
Northampton Mercury, 8 Sep. 1810
27th AugA Gentleman of HinghamA Gentleman of MattishallHardingham Commonsw1
Norfolk Chronicle, 1 Sep. 1810
27th AugNorwichSwaffhamHardingham Commonother1
Norfolk Chronicle, 1 Sep. 1810; 'third match'
27th AugThorneyPeterboroughThorneyother1
Northampton Mercury, 8 Sep. 1810; return match
29th AugHarewoodWetherbyHarewoodother1scorecard
Wright's Leeds Intelligencer, 3 Sep. 1810
30th AugTwo of RolvendenTwo of BenendenRolvenden Laynesw1
Cricket History, Single-Wicket match list; Kentish Chronicle, 4 Sep. 1810
3rd SepCambridgeRoystonCambridgeother1
Morning Chronicle, 7 Sep. 1810; Bury and Norwich Post, 12 Sep. 1810
7th SepWetherbyHarewoodWetherby Ground, Clifford Moorother1
Wright's Leeds Intelligencer, 3 Sep. 1810; return match
10th SepRoystonCambridgeRoystonother1
Morning Chronicle, 13 Sep. 1810, return match
11th SepMereworthWadhurstHorsmonden Heathother2
Kentish Gazette, 21 Sep. 1810
24th SepAlresfordWinchesterTichborne Downother1
Hampshire Telegraph, 1 Oct. 1810; return match
15th OctWisbechTerringtonWisbech Race Groundother1
Stamford Mercury, 19 Oct. 1810 'third [match] this season'
30th OctRiponNeighbouring VillagesStudley Royalother1
Fresh Light on Pre-Victorian Cricket p56
10th NovRiponKirkby Fleetham and ScrutonKirklingtonother1
Leeds Intelligencer, 19 Nov. 1810
24th NovAlneLinton-on-OuseBlawith Long Landsother1
York Herald, 1 Dec. 1810; three innings match

Total of 74 matches

game type notes:
fc - first-class
sw - single wicket

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