Laws of Cricket 1947 Code - Law 27

Law 27 - No Ball (more)

The ball does not become "Dead" on the call of "No Ball". The Striker may hit a "No Ball" and whatever runs result shall be added to his score, but runs made otherwise from a "No Ball" shall be scored "No Balls", and if no runs be made one run shall be so scored. The Striker shall be out from a "No Ball" if he break Law 37, and either Batsman may be run out, or give out if he break Laws 36 or 40.

Notes on Law 27

1. The penalty for a "No Ball" is only scored if no runs result otherwise.

2. Law 46 Note 4 (vii) covers attempts to run before the ball is delivered, but should the non-striker unfairly leave his ground too soon, the fielding side may run out the batsman at the bowler's end by any recognised method. If the bowler throws at the near wicket, the umpire does not call "No Ball", though any runs resulting are so scored. The throw does not count in the "Over".

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