Zimbabwe v Afghanistan Progressive Test Partnerships
(For Zimbabwe in Afghanistan and on neutral grounds)

1st Wicket91PS Masvaure (65) KT Kasuza (41)Abu Dhabi2020/21
2nd Wicket42PS Masvaure (65) TK Musakanda (41)Abu Dhabi2020/21
3rd Wicket55TK Musakanda (15) SC Williams (151*)Abu Dhabi2020/21
4th Wicket1SC Williams (151*) W Madhevere (0)Abu Dhabi2020/21
5th Wicket71SC Williams (105) Sikandar Raza (43)Abu Dhabi2020/21
6th Wicket28SC Williams (105) RP Burl (8)Abu Dhabi2020/21
7th Wicket75SC Williams (105) RW Chakabva (44)Abu Dhabi2020/21
8th Wicket187SC Williams (151*) DT Tiripano (95)Abu Dhabi2020/21
9th Wicket26SC Williams (105) B Muzarabani (12*)Abu Dhabi2020/21
36Sikandar Raza (85) B Muzarabani (0)Abu Dhabi2020/21
10th Wicket3SC Williams (151*) VM Nyauchi (0)Abu Dhabi2020/21

Denis Moore

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