South Africa v West Indies Progressive Test Partnerships for Men
(For South Africa)

1st Wicket57G Kirsten (26) HH Gibbs (35)Durban1998/99
97G Kirsten (71*) HH Gibbs (49)Durban1998/99
149GC Smith (132) HH Gibbs (60)Johannesburg2003/04
301GC Smith (139) HH Gibbs (192)Centurion2003/04
2nd Wicket125AC Hudson (163) KC Wessels (59)Bridgetown1991/92
146G Kirsten (150) JH Kallis (50)Georgetown2000/01
199GC Smith (147) HM Amla (69)Durban2007/08
3rd Wicket96KC Wessels (74) PN Kirsten (52)Bridgetown1991/92
235JH Kallis (110) DJ Cullinan (168)Cape Town1998/99
251HH Gibbs (142) JH Kallis (130*)Cape Town2003/04
4th Wicket66JH Kallis (57*) WJ Cronje (31)Johannesburg1998/99
94JH Kallis (88*) WJ Cronje (54)Cape Town1998/99
107G Kirsten (134) WJ Cronje (58)Centurion1998/99
149HH Gibbs (87) DJ Cullinan (73)Port of Spain2000/01
249JH Kallis (177) G Kirsten (137)Durban2003/04
308HM Amla (208) AB de Villiers (152)Centurion2014/15
5th Wicket92AC Hudson (163) AP Kuiper (34)Bridgetown1991/92
115G Kirsten (134) JN Rhodes (103*)Centurion1998/99
267JH Kallis (147) AG Prince (131)St John's2004/05
6th Wicket49WJ Cronje (21) SM Pollock (28)Port Elizabeth1998/99
92JN Rhodes (64) SM Pollock (42)Port Elizabeth1998/99
129AG Prince (98) MV Boucher (59)Cape Town2007/08
134AB de Villiers (73) AG Prince (78*)Bridgetown2010
7th Wicket32JH Kallis (88*) MV Boucher (22)Cape Town1998/99
92JH Kallis (83) MV Boucher (100)Centurion1998/99
8th Wicket33MV Boucher (17) PL Symcox (36)Port Elizabeth1998/99
55MV Boucher (100) L Klusener (12)Centurion1998/99
75SM Pollock (48*) N Boje (36)St John's2000/01
146JH Kallis (73) MV Boucher (122*)Cape Town2003/04
9th Wicket20MW Pringle (15) AA Donald (0)Bridgetown1991/92
66PL Symcox (36) AA Donald (34)Port Elizabeth1998/99
132SM Pollock (106*) AA Donald (37)Bridgetown2000/01
10th Wicket25PL Symcox (25) DJ Terbrugge (3*)Johannesburg1998/99
41RJ Peterson (25) M Ntini (22*)Johannesburg2003/04

Denis Moore

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