South Africa v West Indies Progressive Test Partnerships for Men
(Both Teams at Port of Spain)

1st Wicket62HH Gibbs (34) G Kirsten (23)2000/01SAvWI
70GC Smith (148) AB de Villiers (33)2004/05SAvWI
117AB de Villiers (62) GC Smith (41)2004/05SAvWI
2nd Wicket70WW Hinds (56) MN Samuels (35)2000/01WIvSA
3rd Wicket99JH Kallis (53) DJ Cullinan (103)2000/01SAvWI
149HH Gibbs (87) DJ Cullinan (73)2000/01SAvWI
4th Wicket95BC Lara (196) S Chanderpaul (35)2004/05WIvSA
5th Wicket75RR Sarwan (34) CL Hooper (53)2000/01WIvSA
6th Wicket49ND McKenzie (25) MV Boucher (38)2000/01SAvWI
92RR Sarwan (39) CL Hooper (54*)2000/01WIvSA
122AB de Villiers (68) AG Prince (57)2010SAvWI
7th Wicket74BC Lara (196) CO Browne (26)2004/05WIvSA
8th Wicket86MV Boucher (69) DW Steyn (39)2010SAvWI
9th Wicket71RD Jacobs (93*) M Dillon (21)2000/01WIvSA
10th Wicket20SM Pollock (15*) M Ntini (7)2000/01SAvWI
21RD Jacobs (93*) CA Walsh (0)2000/01WIvSA
22BC Lara (196) RD King (1*)2004/05WIvSA
22MV Boucher (69) LL Tsotsobe (3*)2010SAvWI
27D Ramdin (25*) NT Pascal (2)2010WIvSA
29R Rampaul (18*) NT Pascal (10)2010WIvSA

Denis Moore

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