New Zealand v India Progressive Test Partnerships
(For New Zealand in New Zealand)

1st Wicket126BAG Murray (74) GT Dowling (239)Christchurch1967/68
149TJ Franklin (50) JG Wright (113*)Napier1989/90
2nd Wicket155GT Dowling (143) BE Congdon (58)Dunedin1967/68
3rd Wicket122BE Congdon (54) JM Parker (70)Auckland1975/76
179AH Jones (170*) MD Crowe (113)Auckland1989/90
4th Wicket103GT Dowling (239) MG Burgess (26)Christchurch1967/68
125JG Wright (185) MJ Greatbatch (46)Christchurch1989/90
160RG Twose (87) CD McMillan (92)Hamilton1998/99
271LRPL Taylor (151) JD Ryder (201)Napier2008/09
5th Wicket119GT Dowling (239) K Thomson (69)Christchurch1967/68
140CD McMillan (84) AC Parore (50)Hamilton1998/99
142LRPL Taylor (107) JEC Franklin (49)Wellington2008/09
6th Wicket56MG Burgess (31) KJ Wadsworth (41)Auckland1975/76
77*AH Jones (170*) SA Thomson (43*)Auckland1989/90
137CD McMillan (74*) CL Cairns (61)Wellington1998/99
352BB McCullum (302) BJ Watling (124)Wellington2013/14
7th Wicket52KJ Wadsworth (41) DR Hadlee (24)Auckland1975/76
90MG Burgess (95) BL Cairns (47)Wellington1975/76
147CL Cairns (126) DJ Nash (63)Hamilton1998/99
186JD Ryder (102) DL Vettori (118)Hamilton2008/09
8th Wicket45MG Burgess (39) BR Taylor (14)Dunedin1967/68
54KR Rutherford (69) RJ Hadlee (28)Christchurch1989/90
103RJ Hadlee (87) IDS Smith (173)Auckland1989/90
137DJ Nash (89*) DL Vettori (57)Wellington1998/99
9th Wicket69MG Burgess (50) JC Alabaster (34)Dunedin1967/68
136IDS Smith (173) MC Snedden (22)Auckland1989/90
10th Wicket42RJ Hadlee (33) HJ Howarth (8*)Christchurch1975/76

Denis Moore

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