New Zealand v India Progressive Test Partnerships
(Both Teams at Dunedin)

1st Wicket45BAG Murray (17) GT Dowling (143)1967/68NZvI
2nd Wicket155GT Dowling (143) BE Congdon (58)1967/68NZvI
3rd Wicket74AL Wadekar (80) RF Surti (28)1967/68IvNZ
103AL Wadekar (71) RF Surti (44)1967/68IvNZ
4th Wicket42GT Dowling (143) V Pollard (20)1967/68NZvI
5th Wicket9EAS Prasanna (23) MAK Pataudi (24)1967/68IvNZ
6th Wicket34MAK Pataudi (24) ML Jaisimha (17)1967/68IvNZ
7th Wicket22MG Burgess (39) RC Motz (22)1967/68NZvI
8th Wicket45MG Burgess (39) BR Taylor (14)1967/68NZvI
9th Wicket69MG Burgess (50) JC Alabaster (34)1967/68NZvI
10th Wicket57RB Desai (32*) BS Bedi (22)1967/68IvNZ

Denis Moore

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