Partnerships for the 11th to 15th wickets in men's 'odds' matches

Fall of wickets details are rarely available for early 'odds' matches. No reliable details are known of any partnerships for the 16th and 17th wickets in matches in which one side fielded up to 18 players. The following are the progressive partnership records for the 11th to 15th wickets where known, with a minimum qualification in each case of 10 runs.

11th Wkt14G Armitage (19*) T Dakin (5)XIV of Yorkshire v All England XISheffield1851
19N Lubbock (17) WS Norton (9)XVI of Kent v EnglandLord's1860
55W Hopkinson (40) LH Denne (35)XV of Kent v EnglandLord's1861
60GM Kelson (35) HW Barber (45)XIV of Kent v EnglandCanterbury1862
12th Wkt10GE Humphry (9) F Twynam (2*)XIV of Hampshire v All England XISouthampton (Day's [Itchen] Ground)1849
36W Hopkinson (40) GM Kelson (18*)XV of Kent v EnglandLord's1861
36HW Barber (45) R Lipscomb (14)XIV of Kent v EnglandCanterbury1862
13th WktunkW Hammersley (27) E Reeves (10*)XIV of Surrey v All England XIOval1848
16G Coates (14*) I Hodgson (8)XIV of Yorkshire v All England XISheffield1852
14th Wkt11GM Kelson (18*) G Baker (9)XV of Kent v EnglandLord's1861
15th WktNo known instance of 10 runs or more. The highest definitely known is
7W Napper (6*) J Hodson (6)XVI of Sussex v United England XILewes1854


Keith Walmsley