England v New Zealand Progressive Test Partnerships
(For New Zealand in England)

1st Wicket58JE Mills (34) CS Dempster (53)Lord's1931
112B Sutcliffe (82) VJ Scott (43)Leeds1949
121B Sutcliffe (88) VJ Scott (60)Oval1949
185TJ Franklin (101) JG Wright (98)Lord's1990
2nd Wicket72CS Dempster (53) GL Weir (37)Lord's1931
99CS Dempster (120) GL Weir (40)Lord's1931
123JG Wright (62) GP Howarth (92)Oval1978
173MH Richardson (101) BB McCullum (96)Lord's2004
3rd Wicket118CS Dempster (120) ML Page (104)Lord's1931
150BE Congdon (66) BF Hastings (83)Nottingham1969
190BE Congdon (175) BF Hastings (86)Lord's1973
210BA Edgar (83) MD Crowe (106)Lord's1986
4th Wicket142ML Page (104) RC Blunt (96)Lord's1931
174DP Conway (200) HM Nicholls (61)Lord's2021
5th Wicket50MP Donnelly (58) DAR Moloney (23)Oval1937
120MP Donnelly (64) FB Smith (96)Leeds1949
177BE Congdon (176) V Pollard (116)Nottingham1973
180MD Crowe (142) SA Thomson (69)Lord's1994
195DJ Mitchell (108) TA Blundell (96)Lord's2022
236DJ Mitchell (190) TA Blundell (106)Nottingham2022
6th Wicket65TC Lowry (62) JL Kerr (34)Oval1931
99WA Hadlee (93) ML Page (33)Manchester1937
117MG Burgess (105) V Pollard (105*)Lord's1973
123MJ Greatbatch (47) RJ Hadlee (86)Lord's1990
141MD Crowe (115) AC Parore (71)Manchester1994
7th Wicket77ML Page (53) AW Roberts (50)Oval1937
78MP Donnelly (206) FLH Mooney (33)Lord's1949
104B Sutcliffe (53) V Pollard (81*)Birmingham1965
8th Wicket104DAR Moloney (64) AW Roberts (66)Lord's1937
9th Wicket63TC Lowry (34) CFW Allcott (20*)Lord's1931
65JG Bracewell (110) DA Stirling (26)Nottingham1986
78SP Fleming (66*) DL Vettori (51)Oval1999
10th Wicket57FLH Mooney (46) J Cowie (26*)Leeds1949

Denis Moore

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