England v New Zealand Progressive Test Partnerships
(For England in New Zealand)

1st Wicket82EH Bowley (109) EW Dawson (23)Auckland1929/30
129BC Broad (61) MD Moxon (81*)Wellington1987/88
231AN Cook (116) NRD Compton (117)Dunedin 2012/13
2nd Wicket61EW Dawson (44) KS Duleepsinhji (40)Wellington1929/30
111EH Bowley (109) KS Duleepsinhji (117)Auckland1929/30
118WE Russell (56) MC Cowdrey (59)Auckland1965/66
168BC Broad (114) RT Robinson (70)Christchurch1987/88
182MA Atherton (83) AJ Stewart (173)Auckland1996/97
210NRD Compton (100) IJL Trott (121)Wellington2012/13
3rd Wicket61KS Duleepsinhji (49) FE Woolley (31)Christchurch1929/30
93KS Duleepsinhji (117) FE Woolley (59)Auckland1929/30
149WR Hammond (336*) E Paynter (36)Auckland1932/33
151*DL Amiss (164*) MH Denness (59*)Christchurch1974/75
179AJ Stewart (148) RA Smith (96)Christchurch1991/92
4th Wicket87WR Hammond (227) DR Jardine (45)Christchurch1932/33
166KF Barrington (126) MC Cowdrey (86)Auckland1962/63
266MH Denness (181) KWR Fletcher (216)Auckland1974/75
302JE Root (153*) HC Brook (186)Wellington2022/23
5th Wicket184GB Legge (196) MS Nichols (75)Auckland1929/30
242WR Hammond (227) LEG Ames (103)Christchurch1932/33
6th Wicket70MS Nichols (78*) TS Worthington (32)Wellington1929/30
240PH Parfitt (131*) BR Knight (125)Auckland1962/63
281GP Thorpe (200*) A Flintoff (137)Christchurch2001/02
7th Wicket69MS Nichols (78*) AHH Gilligan (32)Wellington1929/30
108FR Brown (74) W Voce (66)Christchurch1932/33
149APE Knott (101) P Lever (64)Auckland1970/71
8th Wicket43GB Legge (196) F Barratt (17)Auckland1929/30
48*WR Hammond (336*) G Duckworth (6*)Auckland1932/33
52JH Wardle (32*) FH Tyson (16)Dunedin1954/55
81ER Dexter (141) FS Trueman (21)Christchurch1958/59
107DA Allen (88) DJ Brown (44)Christchurch1965/66
9th Wicket51GB Legge (196) WL Cornford (18)Auckland1929/30
117TE Bailey (134*) DVP Wright (45)Christchurch1950/51
163*MC Cowdrey (128*) AC Smith (69*)Wellington1962/63
10th Wicket27TE Bailey (134*) JB Statham (9)Christchurch1950/51
28FH Tyson (27*) JB Statham (13)Auckland1954/55
43G Miller (89) RGD Willis (6*)Christchurch1977/78
43NA Foster (18*) NG Cowans (21)Auckland1983/84
43AD Mullally (21) PCR Tufnell (19*)Auckland1996/97

Denis Moore

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