England v New Zealand Progressive Test Partnerships
(Both Teams at Dunedin)

1st Wicket60L Hutton (11) TW Graveney (41)1954/55EvNZ
158PG Fulton (55) HD Rutherford (171)2012/13NZvE
231AN Cook (116) NRD Compton (117)2012/13EvNZ
2nd Wicket60GO Rabone (18) B Sutcliffe (74)1954/55NZvE
91HD Rutherford (171) KS Williamson (24)2012/13NZvE
3rd Wicket60MJF Shrimpton (38) BW Sinclair (33)1965/66NZvE
90ST Finn (56) IJL Trott (52)2012/13EvNZ
4th Wicket49MC Cowdrey (42) RT Simpson (21)1954/55EvNZ
5th Wicket19ST Finn (56) IR Bell (26*)2012/13EvNZ
6th Wicket81MC Cowdrey (89) JT Murray (50)1965/66EvNZ
7th Wicket44BB McCullum (74) TG Southee (25)2012/13NZvE
8th Wicket52JH Wardle (32*) FH Tyson (16)1954/55EvNZ
79EC Petrie (28) RC Motz (57)1965/66NZvE
9th Wicket47ST Finn (20) JM Anderson (23)2012/13EvNZ
10th Wicket35*EC Petrie (13*) N Puna (18*)1965/66NZvE

Matches have been played on two grounds: Carisbrook (1954/55 to 1965/66) and University Oval (2012/13). The records have been combined on this page.

Denis Moore

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