England v India Progressive Test Partnerships
(Both Teams at Nagpur)

1st Wicket56AJ Strauss (28) AN Cook (60)2005/06EvI
95AJ Strauss (46) AN Cook (104*)2005/06EvI
2nd Wicket129W Jaffer (81) RS Dravid (40)2005/06IvE
167W Jaffer (100) RS Dravid (71)2005/06IvE
3rd Wicket124AN Cook (104*) KP Pietersen (87)2005/06EvI
4th Wicket76*AN Cook (104*) PD Collingwood (36*)2005/06EvI
208IJL Trott (143) IR Bell (116*)2012/13EvI
5th Wicket67PD Collingwood (134*) A Flintoff (43)2005/06EvI
198V Kohli (103) MS Dhoni (99)2012/13IvE
6th Wicket103JE Root (73) MJ Prior (57)2012/13EvI
7th Wicket19PD Collingwood (134*) ID Blackwell (4)2005/06EvI
8th Wicket128M Kaif (91) A Kumble (58)2005/06IvE
9th Wicket60PD Collingwood (134*) SJ Harmison (39)2005/06EvI
10th Wicket66PD Collingwood (134*) MSPanesar (9)2005/06EvI

Matches have been played on two grounds: Vidarbha Cricket Association Ground (2005/06) and Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium, Jamtha (2012/13). THe records have been combined on this page.

Denis Moore

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