Archive of ACS First-Class Match Guides

An original aim of the ACS was to produce a definitive list of first-class matches that all historians and statisticians could use.
Between 1976 and 1989, ACS members with a specialist interest in this area worked to produce a series of Guides to matches in each country. These Guides give details of all the matches in each country that, after thorough consideration, the ACS concluded should be regarded as 'first-class'. They also explain the decisions taken regarding the status of particular 'difficult' or borderline matches or series of matches.
These guides are now being made available here.
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British Isles [1864-1946] (pub 1976)
Australia (pub 1977)
British Isles [1709-1863] (pub 1981)
South Africa (pub 1981)
New Zealand (pub 1981)
British Isles (1864-1946) [Second Edition] (pub 1982)
Australia [Second Edition] (pub 1983)
West Indies (pub 1984)
British Isles [1707-1863] [Second Edition] (pub 1985)
India (pub 1986)
North and South America (compiled by C.J.Clynes, pub 1987)
Sri Lanka (pub 1987)
Pakistan (pub 1989)