Famous Cricketers No 73 - Sonny Ramadhin

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dr Keith A. P. Sandiford is a Professor Emeritus of History at the University of Manitoba in Canada, where he taught for more than 30 years before retiring in 1998. Born in Barbados in 1936, he has been a cricket addict all his life and has written numerous articles on the sport. He was honoured in 1992 by the Barbados Cricket Association for his contribution as one of the game's leading historians. A prolific and wide-ranging author, his previous books include Great Britain and the Schleswig-Holstein Question, 1848-64 (1975); Cricket and the Victorians (1994); with Dr Earle Newton, Combermere School and the Barbadian Society (1995); The Cricket Nurseries of Colonial Barbados: The Elite Schools, 1865-1966 (1998); CASSIUS: From Wharf Boy to Role Model - The Life and Times of an Extraordinary Barbadian (2001); At the Crease with Gary Sobers: His Partnerships in Test Cricket (2001); and 25 Years of Pride & Industry: The Barbados Association of Winnipeg, Inc., 1977-2002 (2002). This is his seventh monograph in the “Famous Cricketers” Series. Keith is also a regular contributor to Cricket Lore and The Journal of the Cricket Society .