Cricket Matches in 1800

10th May3 Gentlemen2 GentlemenLord's Old Groundsw1
Dawn of Cricket p161
19th MayJ Gibbons' XI R Whitehead's XI Lord's Old Groundfc3scorecard (CA)
Bentley gives as 1801; Dawn of Cricket p161 gives date as 12/May
28th MayMarylebone Cricket ClubWoolwichLord's Old Groundother3scorecard (CA)
S&B p268 gives 2 days, not 3; Dawn of Cricket p181 gives Four Parishes instead of MCC and venue as Woolwich Common
6th JunThomas White VIIIGeorge White VIIIBratton Castleother1
Dawn of Cricket p162
10th JunDittonLondonThames Ditton Marsh, Kingstonother1
Dawn of Cricket p163
11th JunEnglandSurreyLord's Old Groundfc3scorecard (CA)
12th JunW Stump's XIW Budd's XIBratton Castleother1
Dawn of Cricket p163
16th JunEnglandSurreyLord's Old Groundfc2scorecard (CA)
20th JunWinchesterMicheldeverTwyford Downother1
Dawn of Cricket p164
23rd JunWoolwichMarylebone Cricket ClubBarrack Fields, Woolwichother2scorecard (CA)
S&B p270 gives 1 day not 2
24th JunBoughton ClubChatham ClubBoughton Leesother1
Dawn of Cricket p164
25th JunMontpelierRichmondAram's New Ground, Montpelier Gardens, Walworthother1scorecard (CA)
Britcher p9 gives date as 26/Jun
26th JunMontpelierHomertonAram's New Ground, Montpelier Gardens, Walworthother1scorecard (CA)
S&B p271 and Britcher p8 both give date as 25/Jun
30th JunLord F Beauclerk's XISir HW Marten's XIBarrack Fields, Woolwichother1scorecard (CA)
Britcher p10 gives J Gbbon's XI v J Weller's XI
JulW BartonTwo of Waltham AbbeyLord's Old Groundsw1scorecard
S&B p273; Britcher p16
2nd JulRichmondMontpelierRichmond Greenother2scorecard (CA)
3rd JulHomertonMontpelier Thursday ClubHomertonother1scorecard (CA)
4th JulStorringtonSussexStorrington Greenother2scorecard (CA)
7th JulMarylebone Cricket ClubRochesterLord's Old Groundother3scorecard (CA)
7th JulMicheldeverWinchesterMicheldelver Downother1
Dawn of Cricket p164
8th JulSompting and BroadwaterLancingSomptingother1
Dawn of Cricket p164
10th JulDittonRichmondDitton March, Kingstonsw1
Buckley p36 gives date as 7/Aug
10th JulSir Thomas Carr's Javelin BearersSir Thomas Carr's GuestsBeddinghamother1
Dawn of Cricket p164
14th JulEnglandThe Ws and HsLord's Old Groundfc2scorecard (CA)
S&B p274 gives start date of 13/Jul and 3-day match; Bentley gives start date as 13/Jul; Britcher gives start date of 14/Jul and 1-day match
21st JulRochesterMarylebone Cricket ClubMarsh's New Ground, Rochesterother3scorecard (CA)
21st JulSandwichWinghamSandwich Saltsother1scorecard
Dawn of Cricket p164 which says it's the return match
23rd JulNottinghamRadcliffe-on-TrentHolme Laneother1
Dawn of Cricket p165
24th JulRichmondDittonRichmond Greensw1
Buckley p36 gives date as 14/Aug
24th JulWoolwichMontpelierBarrack Fields, Woolwichother2scorecard (CA)
26th JulHomertonWhitehallLord's Old Groundother1
Dawn of Cricket p166
27th JulWinstree HundredMaldonAlberton Green, Winstreeother5scorecard
Britcher p21; Dawn of Cricket p170 gives Winstrel, not Winstree and start date of 29/Jul and 1-day match
28th JulLittle BaddowDanburyLittle Baddow Greenother1
Dawn of Cricket p169 which says it's the return match
28th JulMoldon Second XIWithamMoldonother1
Dawn of Cricket p169 which says it's the return match
28th JulParrs HeadThree TownsMarsh's New Ground, Rochesterother2scorecard
Dawn of Cricket p168; Britcher p24 gives start date as 29/Jul and 1-day match
29th JulCaterham CommonChepsteadCaterham Commonother1
Dawn of Cricket p170
29th JulCoulsdonGodstone and BletchingleySmithies Bottom, Croydonother2
Dawn of Cricket p170
29th JulIngatestoneSpringfieldother1
Dawn of Cricket p170 which says it's the return match
29th JulMr Capel's XIHarry Bridger's XISignal House, Old Shorehamother1
Dawn of Cricket p170
29th JulPenenden HeathParishes near Three TownsPenenden Heath, Maidstoneother2scorecard
Dawn of Cricket p169; Britcher p23 gives 1-day match
29th JulWinstreeMaldonWinstreeother2scorecard
Britcher p22
30th JulClaphamStreathamClapham Commonother1scorecard
Britcher p25
31st JulEton CollegeWestminster SchoolLord's Old Groundother1scorecard (CA)
31st JulSevenoaksEast MallingSevenoaks Vineother1
Dawn of Cricket p171 which says it's the return match
2nd AugHomertonWhtehallHomertonother1scorecard
Dawn of Cricket p171; Britcher p27
2nd AugMr Capel's XIHarry Bridger's XISignal House, Old Shorehamother1
Dawn of Cricket p170
4th AugMiddlesexHomerton & WhitehallLord's Old Groundother2scorecard
Britcher p28
7th AugCobhamPenenden HeathCobham Parkother2
Dawn of Cricket p172 which says it's the return match
11th AugEnglandKentLord's Old Groundother4scorecard (CA)
Bentley gives Rochester, not Kent
14th AugSelbyHowdenHolms, Selbyother1
Dawn of Cricket p173
14th AugWH Marlden's XIXJG Cooper's XIPigburn Leas, Doncasterother1
Dawn of Cricket p172 which says it's the return match
15th AugW Richardson & T FosterDriver & CooperSouthborough, Tunbridge Wellssw3scorecard
S&B p277
18th AugHambledonEast Meon and Meon StokeWindmill Down, Hambledonother1scorecard
Buckley p37
18th AugKentEnglandMarsh's New Ground, Rochesterother4scorecard (CA)
Bentley gives Rochester not Kent
18th AugOfficers of the Coldstream GuardsThird Regiment of GuardsKinsale, Irelandother1
Dawn of Cricket p173
20th AugStreathamClaphamStreatham Commonother1scorecard
Britcher p31
25th AugLeicesterNottinghamSt Margaret's Pasture, Leicesterother1scorecard (CA)
27th AugW Richardson & T FosterDriver & CooperLamberhurstsw1scorecard
S&B p277
28th AugEnglandSurreyLord's Old Groundfc3scorecard (CA)
S&B p279 gives 2-day match
30th AugColchesterHerts MilitiaLexon Heathother1scorecard
Britcher p11; Dawn of Cricket p173 gives date of 30/Aug
SepWilliam Lambert & HolcombNeale, Sparts & Mooresw1scorecard
S&B p282
4th SepWandsworthClaphamWandsworthother1scorecard
Britcher p33
9th SepClaphamWandsworthClapham Commonother1scorecard
Britcher p34
11th SepEnglandKentLord's Old Groundother2scorecard (CA)
S&B p280 and Bentley both give start date of 10/Sep; Britcher p35 gives 4-day match
12th SepSouthamptonRomsey, Hursley, Stoke and StonehamMr Antram's Ground, Polygonother1
Dawn of Cricket p174
16th SepKentEnglandBarrack Fields, Woolwichother2scorecard (CA)
S&B and Bentley both give start date of 15/Sep; Britcher p36 gives 4-day match
17th SepMelton MowbrayBinghamHoseother2
Dawn of Cricket p174
22nd SepDoncasterSheffieldPigburn Leas, Doncasterother1
Dawn of Cricket p175
29th SepNottinghamSheffieldMansfieldother1scorecard (CA)
3rd NovNottinghamSheffieldWorksopother3scorecard (CA)
S&B p283 and CricketArchive say played at Warsop

Total of 69 matches

game type notes:
fc - first-class
sw - single wicket

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