Archive of ACS Cricketers Series books

This series documents the first-class cricketers who have played for each of the teams. We are now putting some of the books in the series online in an electronic format.

When you click on a book it will open in a separate window or tab.

Barbados Cricketers 1865-1990
Border Cricketers 1897/98-1997/98
The book was meant to have a map on page 3 but due to production issues this was not printed. It can be seen here
Sir Julien Cahn's Team 1923 to 1941
Derbyshire Cricketers 1871-1981
Essex Cricketers 1876-1986
European Cricketers in India, Ceylon and Burma
Glamorgan Cricketers 1888-1987
Gloucestershire Cricketers 1870-1979
Hampshire Cricketers 1800-1982
Irish Cricketers 1855-1980
Jamaica Cricketers 1894/95-1994/95
Kent Cricketers 1834-1983
Lancashire Cricketers 1865-1988
Leicestershire Cricketers 1879-1977
Liverpool & District Cricketers 1882-1947
Middlesex Cricketers 1850-1976
Natal Cricketers 1889-90_1996-97
New South Wales Cricketers 1855-1981
New Zealand Cricketers 1863/64-2010
Northamptonshire Cricketers 1905-1984
Northerns Cricketers 1937-38_1999-2000
Nottinghamshire Cricketers 1835-1978
Philadelphia and North American Cricketers 1878 to 1972
Queensland Cricketers 1892-1979
Rest of the World, Commonwealth and International XI Cricketers
Scottish Cricketers 1905-1980
Somersetshire Cricketers 1875-1974
South Australian Cricketers 1877-1984
Surrey Cricketers 1839-1980
Sussex Cricketers 1815-1990
Tasmanian Cricketers 1850-1982
Transvaal Cricketers 1889/90-1993/94
Victorian Cricketers 1850-1978
Warwickshire Cricketers 1843-1973
Western Australian Cricketers 1892-1983
Western Province Cricketers 1889/90-1995/96
Worcestershire Cricketers 1899-1974
Yorkshire Cricketers 1863-1985