Cricket 1888

ULY 12,1888. CRICKET: A WEEKLY RECORD OF THE GAME. 271 “MAN 0’ WAR” GARDEN SEATS IMPROVED GARDEN SEATS AND CHAIRS. For CRICKET GROUNDS I For PRIVATE GARDENS I For MARINE PARADES „ TENNIS GROUNDS I „ PUBLIC PARKS I „ ALL OPEN SPACES AS USED at H.M. The Queen’s Jubilee Garden Party, Buckingham Palace, June 20, 1887. AS USED in the Pavilion of the Surrey C.C.C., Kennington Oval. AS USED in the Royal Parks, and by the Metropolitan Board of Works, &c., &c., &o. The F i e l d , May 7,1887, says “ Messrs. Henry Castle and Sons, the well-known Admiralty ship- breakers of Millbank, S.W., have forwarded for our report the above improvement, which de­ serves more than passing notice. It is a design for out-door seats and chairs, and we have no hesi­ tation in saying that for elegance, comfort, and durability, it is the best thing of the kind that we have seen. These seats are made of the seasoned teak timber, taken from old navy ships which Messrs. Castle have broken up, and, the frames being of wrought iron and galvanised, they are as nearly as may be impervious to the effect of sun or rain. They can be fitted with patent folding cover-seats and footboards, which protect the seats from rain and the feet from damp. We recom­ mend those who are in want of seats for their gardens and grounds to give them a trial. The prices are about the same as those of other makers.” THE^FAVORITE: 4- F r SEAT.-THE ?SUPERB S FTSEATt Send fo r Price List and Illustrated Sheet to the Patentees and Manufacturers, H . CASTLE and SONS, MILLBANK, S .W . CAUTION— ALL DESIGNS AND TITLES ARE REGISTERED. N E T O F H E A L T H ” U n d e r v e s t s . (REGISTERED). HEALTH, CO toORT & CLEANLINESS. The Late Sir E r a s m u s W il s o n w rote:—“ All closely-woven fabrics, such as the ordinary under­ vests, whether thick or thin as gauze, worn next the skin in warm weather, become saturated with moisture, and thus form an impermeable and air-tight covering, preventing that free transpira­ tion of the skin so necessary to comfort, and even to life.” J. M a c d o n a l d R o g e r s , Esq., RN., Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, writes—1 The *Net of Health ’ vest manufactured by Struthers & Co. appears to me to combine all that the most ardent hygienic reformer can desire. It is the only undervest I have seen which admits of free res­ piration, and yet is as warm as many o f the un­ healthy closely woven garments usually worn, and being perfectly absorbent it is the most comfort­ able garment I know of to take exercise in.” Pure UNSHRINKABLE Wool, 4 /S ; 3 for 13/- Carriage P aid to any p art of the United K ingdom STRUTHERS &Co. 83. FINSBURY PAVEMENT, LONDON. E C. MADE WITH BOILING WATER E P P S ’ S G RAT EFU L— COM FORT IN G C O C O A M AD E W IT H B O IL IN G M IL K N ow B e ady . P a r t I I . ( JU L Y ) . THE MAGAZINE OF SPORT CONTAINING “ MODERN B A T T I N G . ” By W . G. GRACE . “ C. G. Wood at Home ” (with Photo); “The Phantom Punt ” . (Chap. II.); “ Her Hero at Henley;” “ Cycle Touring;” “ Gaelic Sports and Pastimes,’' etc., etc. PRICE 6d. POST-FREE, 7£d. At all Bookstalls, or from IL IFFE & SON, & 8 , FLEET STREET , E.C. T H E Reliable Cricket Spike Recommended by R. G. B a r l o w , T. W h a t - m o u g h , and other leading Cricketers. P r ice , 8 d. pe r Se t; b y Post, lO d . To be had from all dealers. W h o l e s a l e — J . R O B E R T 8 H A .W , C lim ax Works , Rochda le R d ., Manchester. DORK ING CR ICKET CLUB AND TEER F IR E BR IGADE AMAT ATHLET IC SPORTS . (Under A.A.A. Laws and N.C.U. Rules.) MONDAY, AUGUST 6 , BANK HOLIDAY, In t h e C r ic k e t F ie l d , P ix h o l m e Lane, Within five minutesroflDorking'Station, L.B. and S.C.R., and B ox Hill Station, 6.E.R. M a g n if ic e n t G r a ss C o u r s e . Handicappers open events), S. H. Baker, L.A.C., and H. H. Griffin, N.C.U.; (local events), Execu­ tive Committee. O p e n E v e n t s . Entry, 2s. 6d. 101 Yards Handicap; three prizes, value £ 5, £ 2 , £ 1 . Quarter Mile; three prizes, value £5, £-2, £1, Half Mile; three prizes, value £5, £2,‘£1. One M ile; three prizes, value £5, £2, £ 1 . Two Miles Walking Race; three prizes, Value £5, £2, £L One Mile Bicycle Handicap; three prizes, value £5f £' 2 , •£!« wo Miles Bicycle Handicap ; three prizes, value £5, £2, £[. Three Miles Bicycle Handicap; three prizes, value £5, £ 2 , £1. High Jump ; one prize, value £-2. L o c a l E v e n t s . Entry, Is. KC) Yards Handicap, residents within seven miles ; three prizes, value £ 2 , £ 1 ,10s. 100 Yards Handicap, boys under 14 residents within seven miles ; three prizes, value £1, 10s., 5s. Half Mile Handicap, residents within seven miles ; three prizes, value £ 2 ,10s., 5s. Two Miles Bicycle Handicap, residents within ten m i'es; three prizes, value £3, £ 1 , 10s. Commence at 1 o’clock p.m. Entries close on Saturday, July 28, to the hon. sec., C. Herbert Wood. Vincent’s Lane, Dorking. c r i c k e t s o n g . B y P. T . M . P r ice 1/- p u b l is h e d b y JOSEPH WILLIAMS, 24, B E R N E R S S T . , L O N D O N , W .