ACS Auction - Terms and Conditions

  1. The auction will commence at 8.00 am BST on Saturday 8th June 2024 and will terminate at 10.00 pm BST on Monday 17th June 2024. The catalogue of items is available to view at
  2. The auction will be held on-line only.
  3. All potential bidders, including ACS members, must register to be able to take part. Registration must be made via this the Registration Form. The registration process will email you a bidder number which will be required to make bids.
  4. All bids will be considered firm bids. Once you confirm the bid it cannot be withdrawn.
  5. The minimum bid that can be made for each lot is stated in the catalogue.
  6. Bids can be made in steps depending on value:
    1. Bids between 50p and £5 can be made in multiples of 50p [e.g. £1.00, £1.50, £2.00 etc.]
    2. Bids between £5 and £50 can be made in multiples of £1 [e.g. £6.00, £7.00 etc.]
    3. Bids over £50 can be made in multiples of £5 [e.g. £55.00, £60.00 etc.]
  7. Alternatively, you can make a maximum bid for a lot. When another bidder makes a bid for the same lot, the system will apply the smallest increment to the current bid for that lot to make you the highest bidder. The system will continue to remember your maximum bid and when other bids are placed you will automatically outbid them up to your maximum.
  8. An email will be sent to you when you make a bid that is accepted. In addition, if you are outbid for a lot, an email will be sent to you telling you so. If your maximum bid is subsequently overtaken by a higher bid, an email will be sent to you telling you this has happened. You will then be able to enter a fresh bid or maximum bid. It is just possible that your email set-up will treat these confirmatory messages as "spam", so please also look into your "spam" folder to try and locate the messages
  9. At the conclusion of the auction, the highest bid will win the lot. All participants will be notified soon after the conclusion of the auction if they have been successful and if so, which lot(s) they are the successful bidder for.
  10. Successful bids will be subject to the following:
    1. A £1 handling charge per lot (up to a maximum of £10) to cover administrative costs.
    2. A charge to recover actual postage costs incurred. Where a bidder succeeds with several bids, consignments will be consolidated to minimise postage costs.i (See also the special note about postage below.)
    3. For consignments valued at less than £100, ACS will select the optimal method of postage / despatch. This may include a small premium for tracked mail if considered appropriate. The buyer may make a written request to ACS for a more secure form of shipment (if available), acceptance of which will be at the discretion of ACS and at the expense of the bidder.
    4. For consignments valued at £100 or more, a more secure form of shipment (if available) will be offered to bidders, acceptance of which will be at the discretion and at the expense of the bidder.
    ACS does not accept any liability for losses in transit.
    No other fees will be added.
  11. ACS will send each successful bidder one consolidated electronic invoice which will incorporate all successful bids, plus additional charges as per para 10 above.
  12. Settlement of the invoice must be completed within 7 days of the invoice date and receipt of funds will be a pre-requisite for despatch of the consignment. Successful bidders who for unavaoidable reasons will be unable to settle within 7 days of the invoice date should notify ACS immediately on receipt of the invoice by email to
  13. Successful bidders are encouraged to settle their invoice by bank transfer to avoid ACS incurring PayPal charges. ACS bank account details (plus IBAN and BIC codes for overseas customers) will be included on the invoice to facilitate this. Adopting this method of payment would be especially important in the case of higher value transactions.
  14. It is acknowledged that PayPal may be the most convenient form of payment for non-UK customers. PayPal charges up to £20 will be absorbed by ACS, but ACS reserve the right to approach customers for compensation in cases where PayPal charges exceed this amount. Payment by cheque will not be accepted.
  15. All material offered is considered to be in reasonable condition and it is not the intention of the ACS committee to enter into discussions or accept claims for minor quality issues.
  16. Special notes regarding postage and shipping costs:
    • Since postage costs are determined by the weight, bulk and destination of the consignment the amount successfully bid for a lot or group of lots provides no indication as to the cost of postage. Bidders are asked to be particularly aware of this when
      • they purchase low value consignments
      • the delivery address is outside the UK
    • If overseas bidders have UK addresses to which consignments may be sent for future collection, they may be able to secure significant savings in postage costs.
    • ACS is not able to pronounce on any exposure of a consignment to customs duties in the destination country. All matters regarding liability for and payment of customs duties will reside with the bidder.
  17. Any questions or other issues about the auction should be sent to