Laws of Cricket 1947 Code - Law 37

Law 37 - Hit the Ball Twice

The Striker is out "Hit the ball twice" - If the ball be struck or be stopped by any part of his person, and he wilfully strikes it again, except for the sole purpose of guarding his wicket, which he may do with his bat or any part of his person, other than his hands. No runs except those which result from an overthrow shall be scored from a ball lawfully struck twice.

Notes on Law 37

1. It is for the umpire to decide whether the ball has been so struck a second time legitimately or not. The umpire may regard the fact that a run is attempted as evidence of the batsmen's intention to take advantage of the second stroke, but it is not conclusive.

2. This Law is infringed if the striker, after playing the ball and without any request from the opposite side, uses his bat to return the ball to a fieldsman.

3. The correct entry in the score book when the striker is given out under this Law is "Hit the ball twice", and the bowler does not get credit for the wicket.

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