Laws of Cricket 1947 Code - Law 28

Law 28 - Wide Ball

If the bowler shall bowl the ball so high over or so wide of the wicket that in the opinion of the Umpire is passes out of reach of the Striker, and would not have been within his reach when taking guard in the normal position, the Umpire shall call and signal "Wide Ball" as soon as it shall have passed the Striker.

Notes on Law 28

1. If a ball which the umpire considers to have been delivered comes to rest in front of the Striker "Wide" should not be called, and no runs should be added to the score unless they result from the striker hitting the ball which he has a right to do without interference by the fielding side.

2. The umpire signals "Wide" by extending both arms horizontally.

3. An umpire should revoke the call if the striker hits a ball which has been called "Wide".

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